Kernel Concept

Custom Software Development

Trust engineers since 1985

Lots of engineers of Kernel Group have been  working at customers' major sector for the strategic development as Systems Engineer or Programmer. 

So called Kernel Teams have received most of the projects under contract. The contract with the customer implies that they trust Kernel Team in the aspect of technical and human resources.

Establishing a trustful relationship involves individual, team and organization of Kernel Group which the Kernel Teamis made of.

Meanings of Kernel in our company name, Kernel Concept:
1.a grain or seed, as of corn
2.the inner, softer pert of a nut, etc.
3.the central, most important part; essence
4.the core, most important part of UNIX OS; kernel's main jobs are task management, memory management, and I/O management; nucleus.
Influence of naming our company is from 3 and 4.

Started up with Embedded Software in 1985 

Kernel Group started with the services of Engine Control, Driving Control, and Air Conditioner Control. Now it extends its services on Hybrid, PHV, EV and Entire Car Control and the presentation of development of Self-Driving Car is done. Moreover, our company is going to begin the development of Smart Housing System which can use vehicle battery as a power source to home.

Technical and Business Skills
In 1990s, Kernel Group was struggling for survival against economic recession after economic bubble burst. The amount of work was sharply decreased and number of employees dipped down to around 100. In that difficult situation, our president and late chairman made the following business concepts. These concepts have made the firm basis of Kernel Group as it is now.
1.Improve technical skills of software on the network.
2.Improve the skills to computerize the diverse devices along with computers.
3.Improve the business and organizational skills to realize maximum customer satisfaction.
4.Diversify the employment to improve the activities of enterprises
5.Develop the new venture business to serve widely
Those days, no one had yet imagined the smart grid or mobile network world wide.

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