Kernel Concept

Custom Software Development

Our door is always open to the applicants.

Our offices are situated at Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka in Japan  and Manila, Philippines.

One of our major fields in business is Embedded Software for Japanease automobiles which have a strong competitiveness in the world market like TOYOTA.

We have a unique Philosophy of Recruitment in Japan.

First two years at Kernel Group is key to move up in software business. Read more in the next section.

We are pleased to recruit aspiring persons who want to have a continual learning in the field of programming because:

  • The technical education of employees is well established that it makes the applicants interested in joining us.
  • The performance in school and achievement in career is not the same.
  • Successful senior makes up for technically limited ability by fascinating personality and by taking good care of junior staff. Naturally, clients rely most heavily on him.
  • We are a competitive software development company that specializes in embedded system. Our technical skills, business skills and organizational capabilities have also grown to keep us in excellent position for 30 years since the company was established.

Who work at Kernel Group are;

  • One whose academic record is not good, but who is positive in attitude and has infinite capacity to continue.
  • One who studies in a prestigious school, but took the curriculum longer than the usual because of changing and taking-up variety of courses or specializations, too much extra-curricular activities, or absence from school due to valid reasons.
  • One who wants to work as software engineer for a long time.
  • One who think he/she is motivated and well suited, but has no degree or no career in software science.
  • Of course, inspired persons are always welcomed.

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+81 52 482 8088 in Japan

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