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First Impression of Kernel Concept
By reading these impression statements you can get an idea what kind of company it is.

1.Cheerful Atmosphere
2.Active Company
3.Looking forward to the future
4.Lot of young workers including freshman
6.Make an effort and get return back
7.Don’t know much
8.Nice name
9.Moving to cheerful future
10.Surprised to see lot of people during company orientation ceremony
12.Good atmosphere to work
13.Atmosphere is too good
14.Having chances of more developments
15.Good relationship among employees
16.Full of energy
17.Name of company is having impression of KFC
18.President is interesting and friendly guy
19.Company is doing many works.
20.President is sociable, comfortable and cool.
21.Lot of freshman
22.Felt that nice atmosphere.
23.More freshman.
24.I felt that good atmosphere
25.President is actively participated in recruitment and company explanatory session
26.Felt that nice atmosphere to work
27.Lot of freshman is strength of the company
28.More freshman
29.Youngsters are cheerful.
30.Good atmosphere.
31.Get together of freshman is encouraging.
32.President is an interesting guy.
33.Lot of new employees
34.Felt like home.
35.Hard work
36.President is impressive.
37.At home
39.Education is firm.
40.Atmosphere is cheerful and good.
41.Too much energy.
42.Software house.
43.Laughter makes happy.
44.Working hard together improves the skill
45.Company is interesting
46.Freedom level is high
47.Cheerful and energetic atmosphere is good.
48.Working place is not noisy and not quiet, it is active.
49.Make the people clever.
50.Working place is interesting.
51.More youngsters
52.Company has a spirit.
53.Lively atmosphere
54.Working atmosphere is cheerful.
55.Calm workplace
56.Workplace is lively, looking like the shop Sofmap
57.Cheerfulness atmosphere
58.Cheerful and refreshing
59.It is shining as bright.
60.Different and interesting
61.Very cheerful.
62.Compared to other companies is quietly different.
63.Different from other companies
64.Good atmosphere
65.Similer to KFC Fastfood Store
67.Easy to suggest your ideas.
68.Warm hearted person
69.Nice atmosphere to do even better. It is overflowing.
70.Lot of new worker
71.Cheerful atmosphere
72.Working atmosphere is good
73.Good relationship among workers
74.This is the company
75.UNIX Kernel
76.Active and energetic
77.Working atmosphere is cheerful
78.At home
79.Let’s work hard
80.Change tension to motivation
81.Friendly relationship among all
82.Good place to work
83.Cheerful workplace
84.Enjoy the work
85.Interesting and cheerful
86.Relieving felt of home
87.Every worker is doing job happily.
88.It is so interesting
89.Adaptable atmosphere
90.Interesting everywhere
91.Very cheerful atmosphere
92.President is unique
93.Easy to work in cheerful atmosphere
94.Optimal place to work
95.Formal and felt like home

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