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Yosuke Nakamura (System Engineer)
I am interested in Automobiles Manufacturing and got interest in Kernel Group while studying about Computer System. During job hunting, I met my senior from the same university. He told that “Kernel Group working atmosphere is too good”. Moreover Kernel Group is putting effort to strengthen the education. If you are having the intention to achieve in career, Kernel group is a good environment to grow. In monthly meeting, senior will help to progress further and they will advise clearly for troublesome. My job in Kernel Group is programming and testing. From the investigation of senior, still I lack of technical skills. Even though I think that “I will improve the skill slowly”. This planning capability is one of my achievements in my career. Senior from my company is eligible to answer any kind of question immediately. I also want to become like my senior. Recently, I am paying attention to think about the quality of the work to proceed. During business training, I felt that “Job of engineer is dependent of business man”. So, I swear that “No compromise in Development”. I hope that in future I will understand the current existing system thoroughly and I will propose new ideas to customer.

Yoshiyuki Iriyama (System Engineer)
I did research about Software Company in the industry through various medium. I only focused on this company. When I was in college, I studied about robot. During studies, I developed the program for control and calculation. I got interests in Software Industry, and also I was able to get recommendation from my professor. I referred employment magazine and internet to find the company according to my interests. I was impressed by this company. With the help of recommendation I joined this company. One more reason for selecting this company is merit system. This is one of the fair treatments of the company. Now I am able to negotiate with user and to manage the project. I am teaching to junior how I got the experience form senior. I am developing events simulating system for the new field in company. I want to do the job very nicely and I want to develop the new filed in this company.

Mikiharu Shuto
I am interested in development applications that run on PC. As a Software House, this company is concentrating development in many fields. During the bubble economy, Kernel Group is collapsed and number of employees is decreased gradually. In that situation also, Kernel Group stands as an independent Software House due to the management skill and technical skill. That is why I selected this company. Moreover it is based on the merit system. If you are having talent, you would become a leader within few years. I will gain experience in development of many fields. Using VB and VC++, I am doing my development work. I think, I can improve my skills in this company.

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