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Embedded System
The embedded system and software development along with which our company has grown up is getting more attention in recent years. The strength of embedded system in our company is automobile field. The demand for automobile embedded system is very severe, hard and tough. For example: A vehicle has to move safely and has to stop on one's life in the  dangerous environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, rain, snow, salt contents and electric noise.
Our company has undertaken most important systems developments such as design and development of automotive electronic control unit (ECU), main control ysytem of Hybrid, PHV and EV, safe driving system, driving control system. Our company is also involved in the development of advanced fields like aerospace.
One who learned information processing, microcomputer, electrical and electronic devices and engineering has an good opportunity to start career in embedded system field.
Your future is bright with our trained embedded team. 

Business Applications
We are developing custom system required for business activities of enterprise. Business oriented services are finance, sale, purchase, logistics, customer management and so on. Business applications are C/S system or web system on the combination of optimal programming language and database.

Manufacturing is one of themost inportant fields in Japan. Our company is developing various systems to support the manufacturing. For instance, Simulation system of behavior of automobile parts production, Analysis system of mesurement  data of automobile parts, Simulation system of safetyness of  driving, Automotive LAN analysis system. We also develop the applications which help computer aided design for machines or architecture.

Factory Automation system
Plant information integrated management system has been developed in our company. Our company gives support for Kaizen or improvement and innovation of plant by implementing of 24 hour operational system, automatic entering and dispatching system from shlves or warehouses. And more, our system supplys with no delay the essential information of production to the management who makes the starategic business plan globally.

ERP Solutions
Our company is giving support to implement ERP, best known product of German company SAP. Our company is contributing efficiency of management and business improvement to global enterprises by providing IT services.

IT Integration, Data center and Cloud Services
Our company provides the data center services which include IT usage environment improvement assessment services and outsourcing services for business and systems. Also provides public cloud services and private cloud services according to customer's business.

Homepage and Portal Site
Our company is providing services to design and create homepages for companies and corporate Portal Site.

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