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Why Kernel Group?
97 freshmen are expressing the reasons for choosing Kernel Group

1.Skill up program is good.
2.Content-ritch two months training
3.I thought to work with full effort.
4.Developping from scratch is attractive
5.I feel that I want to do best in this vibrant company while listening to speech of the president in company orientation 
6.Recommendation by friend and personality of president
7.Training is longer
8.Interesting and unique interview
9.Environment to grow
10.Company has grown every year
11.Personality of president
12.Follow up program of C programming language is attractive.
13.Corporate culture is so good.
14.Attracted by president
15.Education system is good
16.President has fascinated me.
17.Looking for what I can
18.Want to contribute my work in automobile field
19.Words expressed in homepage are attractive.
20.Promotion policy based on ability and performance is attractive.
21.Company is different because interview questions are different from other companies.
22.I will enhance myself with company's good education and training.
23.My first placement is from Kernel Group.
24.Attracted by employee education which is enhancing the feature.
25.Best company to contribute my learning.
26.Felt that best place to grow.
27.The company is putting effort in education.
28.Impressive statements in home page are attractive.
29.Feel luck.
30.I thought I can strengthen the power.
31.Within 5 years it aims to become large company and humor of president
32.President is attractive.
33.I thought I can challenge new job.
34.Word of the president “Would you like to work in Nagoya?”
35.I like the idea of the president that every employee has to learn from the basics.
36.I thought that I can improve my technical skill step by step.
37.It was interesting.
38.I thought that the company will extend.
39.I felt a sense of fulfillment in employee education.
40.I can do the job what I want to do.
41.The company has force.
42.Personal Improvement
43.I felt sure the company is good, after presentation meeting at university and reading the homepage of company.
44.I can utilize my skills learned from school.
45.Training is one of the fulfillments.
46.Want to go out of Nagano prefecture.
47.The company is interesting.
48.I got interest after talking with the president.
49.I got to know at the enterprise seminar.
50.Girls are actively participated in company information session.
51.Even in clerical work also skill development is possible.
52.Skill up system is impressive.
53.Promotions are based on the merit. So that works to achieve a big goal everyday.
54.Meeting with many people and can learn many works.
55.Company with strong education
56.Skill development
57.I felt that this company will be best to work
58.Commutation is easy.
59.I feel that I can improve my skills
60.Training is fulfilled.
61.Challenge to the future
62.Company has a regulated education system.
63.I can improve my skills because education is built firmly.
64.I feel that company is growing right now.
65.A promotion based on merit is attractive.
66.Employee education is satisfied.
67.At first I found this company in job hunting.
68.Search company near to my living place and attend company information session of Rikunabi.
69.I want to contribute my work in microcomputer field.
70.Venture and seniority
71.I felt that I can improve technical skills.
72.Company information session is enthusiastic.
73.Company is in Nagoya region.
74.I believe that employee education inside the company is a relief.
75.Training before joining the company is enriching the skills.
76.Lecture before joining the company is done regularly.
77.I heard that freshman is involving in education program wholeheartedly.
78.The company is providing services not only in software but also in hardware.
79.Education in company and promotion based on merit is attractive.
80.I want to be involved in software related work.
81.Training is regular.
82.Growing in career
83.Recruitment process is good.
84.President of the company is attractive.
85.Training is proper.
86.I can contribute my knowledge to business.
87.Commutation inside the city is easy and attractive.
88.Career growth is attractive.
89.I longs to be a programmer.
90.Skill up.
91.Company has development services in many fields. and vigor.
93.I feel that company is interesting, after listening to president.
94.Environment is proper.
95.I feel that I can improve my skills.
96.My professor suggested and I got impression by referring home page.
97.I want to work in the field where I have wished to work.

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