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Our development mainly focuses on Electrical Control Unit(ECU) for vehicles. We develop CPU control software for 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit, communication driver software, vehicle LAN firmware and application software. We have achieved a heigh level of performance in the micro computer control software development from requirements analysis to system design, program design, programming, testing and maintenance. Our work also covers the control system for the aerospace.

Requirement analysis

Feasibility study and requirement specification definition to apply micro computer
Study and definition of conditions of external connection, reliability, safty and so on
Coordination of feasible requirement spesification from the point of project implementation

System design
Decision of micro computer control method
Designing of external interface
Assigning features between hardware and software
Settling software requirement spesification for each unit

Program design and Programming
Presentation and assessment of guidelines for task framework and module framework
Directing team members about advanced technology such as real time processing
Making policy of programming and ensuring that

Planning and materializing the implementation condition of testing
Re-validation of previous bugs
Performing and controling testing

Managing version history and taking advantage for the next project

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