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We develop the systems to computerize manufacturing. We support implementing verious factory automation systems from programmable logic controller(PLC) programming to connecting manufacturing data and information with enterprise resource planning(ERP).
Applying a variety of technologies and architectures, we provide 24 hours operation at manufacturing plant.

Electronic direction system

Line workers get the direction on the display for each automobile. The directions can be displayed with movies and graphics, thus inexperienced workers assemble properly. Workers will choice the mode to display: character mode, graphic mode or movie mode.

Operation monitering system
At factory line the operating status of each devices are collected and monitored realtime. Accumulated and analysed log data identify the cause of operation halt and lead to the correct countermeasure.

Warehouse automation system
Products and components are entered and dispached from factory, warehouse and delivery center. Automated guided vehicles convey the products from factory to delivery center. Operation is also managed with this system.

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