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Support Program to Advance

Our most important and valuable asset: that is employees. Growing up of the Company is along with that of employee. We fully support employees to study and train by themselves.

1. To reach the proper level of programming before joining in April, we help students to finish the assignment by email, SNS or schooling at Kernel Career School.

2. Right after joining in April, freshmen take part in training courses like business manner and skills, technical training. Freshmen completed those courses can start their jobs as programmer.

3. Each freshman, each senior programmer. A freshman will be able to consult the senior with technical matter, job matter and every day's matter. Thus, the freshman grows up to be a trusted programmer and system engineer.

4. What SEs are going to acquire next is management ability: negotiation and diplomacy with customers, project management, motivating and inspiring junior staff and other skills.

5. Regardless of age, capable staff promote from sub leader to leader to section chief to senior chief to manager to business manager. Thus, our businesses expand steadily.


6. Support program for personal development

Company subsidizes 30% of expense of purchasing personal computer for own uses.
For free, employee can attend a class of C language follow up program in Kernel Career School.
For free, employee can take a preparation course of IT engineer exam.
Company subsidizes to purchase English speaking and listening study tools.
Company subsidizes the exam fee by half. 
Celebration money system for IT engineer exam and TOEIC
Guaranteed base salary with license such as IT engineer

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