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Focus on Education and Training
We established IT engineer education arm called Kernel Career School in 2000. Major duties of Kernel Career School are implementing the consignment training with local government, training of employees in enterprises and offering preparation courses to pass IT exams for engineer and student.
Kernel Career School also trains the employees of Kernel Group. Full time professional instructors take the responsibility of training inside our company. The content of education is very enhancing, and first-class knowledge is given.
Training for entry level graduates includes basic training for software development, business manner, writing method of business document. Kernel Career School ensures that entry level freshmen step up to full-fledged engineer and the experienced to more experienced professionals.

Entry level extensible and productive training
Freshmen study and learn general knowledge, business manner, team work and leadership through debate and discussions, game, lecture and practical training. Then, freshmen learn the basic principles of business by the practice of drawing up a project of ventures business proposal.
After the entry level business training is completed, our programming and technical training will start with fundamental IT engineer courses. Our training program includes basics and application of computer and programming. It is helpful in both substantial practice and the future. There are five major courses to study; lectures on the same level of IT engineer exam, C language lectures and practice, basics of assembly language, Implementation of Microcomputer control, basic learning and practice of Java.

Assignment before joining
Every April, around 60 freshmen joined Kernel Group. Most are graduated. Freshmen are required to have reached some basic level of programming at the beginning of April. Some assignments are the benchmark to check their level.
For example, in C programming;

Drill 1: Initialization and calculation of variables
Define two variables as integer. Assign value to each. Then carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, displaying each result. Avoid the division by zero.

Drill 2: Loop
Using while loop, add 5 to 15 and display the result. Counting up from 5 to 15, use variables. Write the same program using for loop.

Drill 3: Processing character string
Display each letter input until detecting a period at the line head. You don't need to display the period.

Drill 4 through 10: skipped

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